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Creating Emotional Safety® - 6 Weeks

Emotional Safety® is a practice that can be mastered to build both relationships and results. You'll identify key moments when anyone can demonstrate leadership and learn the steps required to lead when it is most needed. You will learn how to use Emotional Safety® to increase results and engagement - everyday and at every level of your organization.

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Winning With Accountability™ - 8 Weeks

Winning with Accountability™ will help you build a culture of high accountability using the language of high-performing teams. You will work through challenges you face in your current role and leave with tools you can use in your next business interaction. This course will help you drive business results, build stronger relationships and gain a competitive advantage.

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Feedback From Learners

I turned negative situations into positive ones using the skills I learned in this course

Manager, Biomedical Tech Company

I must stop avoiding CONFLICT!  If done the right way, conflict actually helps us move forward

VP, Retail Company

I always felt like someone was listening and was going to be supportive

Director, National Defense Laboratory